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wheelhouse cycle club

The Wheelhouse Cycle Club ride is a workout experience that challenges athletes and beginners a like. We ride the beat, we ride together, and we do it harder than anyone else. You'll have 40 other people beside you riding to the beat of the music beside you with nothing but candle light. Those feelings of positivity, of not giving up, and of growth will transcend outside the doors of Wheelhouse Cycle Club. 

THE COMMUNITY: Your motivators personality and creativity will be displayed by the unique and powerful playlist pulsating through the walls of the studio during each class. We disconnect from everything outside the vault doors and lose ourselves in the music.

THE MUSIC: Your Motivator's personality and creativity will be displayed by the unique and powerful playlist pulsating through the walls of the studio during each class. We disconnect from everything outside The Vault doors and lose ourselves in the music. 

THE GROWTH: Sweat like you've never sweat before and then grow like you've never grown before. We track your data online so you can set and crush goals. 



Before you can book a ride you have to have credits in your account. If you're a new rider follow these three steps: 

1. Click on Signup on the top right to create an account

2. Go to Buy Rides to purchase a package or take advantage of our new rider special - 3 rides for $30

3. Go the schedule page to book your ride 

Set your alarm -- a new week on the schedule goes live every Thursday at noon! 


The class you wanted to attend is booked up? No worries — you can add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll send you an email if a spot opens up. You have to have a credit in your account to add yourself to the waitlist but if you don’t get in the credit will be put back in your account.

You will automatically be added to the class if a spot opens up 90 minutes before the ride starts. If you’re waitlisted for a 6:00am class and someone drops at midnight you’ll still be added. That means you either need to commit to waking up in hopes of getting in or remove yourself from the waitlist by logging on to your online profile.


If your plans change and you can’t make your ride anymore don’t fret. If you cancel your ride at least eight hours before it starts the credit will be put back in your account. Unlimited riders will be charged $10 for late cancelling. You can cancel your class my logging into your online profile or giving the club a call.




Nothings more important than hydration! We suggest drinking at least one litre of water in the 2-3 hours leading up to your ride to ensure you’re adequately hydrated and ready to sweat.


Ensure you will remain powerful for the full 50 minutes by grabbing a snack 30 minutes before your ride. We recommend fruit and a little bit of protein.


The right clothing enhances mobility, comfort, and your ability to stay cool. Keep it light on top with a tank or t-shirt and mobile on the bottom with slim shorts or pants.



Getting to class at least fifteen minutes early will give you the chance to change, grab some water, and set up your bike. If its your first ride stop by the front desk and our People Team will show you around! 


Stop by the front desk on the way in to tap check yourself in by finding your name on the iPad. If you don't arrive at least three minutes before the ride starts your bike may be given away to someone on the waitlist. 


All first-time riders are required to fill out a waiver. The front desk will get you set up with a form when you first check-in at the studio. All riders 18 years and under are required to have a parent or guardian’s signature in person.





Clip in for safety, an efficient pedal stroke, and maximum performance! Cycling shoes are included in the price but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Our bikes will fit SPD or LOOK Celta cleats.


We recommend drinking at least one litre of water during class to help you push yourself and ascend the leaderboard. Trust us on this one. 


Your style is safe at Wheelhouse. Lockers have a keypad on them so there is no need to bring a lock. We’ll show you how to use them on your first ride.




If it’s your first ride, someone at Wheelhouse will be there to fit your bike to you according to our professional bike-fitting guidelines. This will ensure you are working the right muscles and avoiding injury. The seat height, fore-aft position, and handlebar height will be adjusted to fit your body type. 


The class is uniquely created to mix fast and slow songs that gives you a workout that builds your strength, endurance, and speed. We ride to the rhythm of the music.


We'll sprint to build our speed, we'll climb to build our strength, and we'll jog to build our endurance.  After your ride we will e-mail you your stats. Your performance data can be accessed online to show you how you’re trending over time and help you set and monitor measurable goals.