THE BEATDOWN is a thirty day challenge that starts on November 1. We challenge you (no, we dare you) to set a goal of generating 15,000 points or 20,000 points. With every beat and every pedal stroke you're going to knock points off that total.

This is an individual challenge but you won't get there by yourself. You need the full support of the WHEELPACK to help you achieve that goal. Every time The Vault door closes three things happen: we ride to the beat, we ride together, and we ride harder than anyone else. These three things will be more prominent than ever. 

Click here to sign up for THE BEATDOWN. All you need to do is enter your name, your WHCC username/e-mail address, and goal. Every class you take from November 1 to November 30 will chip away at that goal. 

The Details

Every night the leaderboard will be updated so you can see how many points you have left.

If you surpass any of the milestones you'll receive a limited edition WHCC toque and an invite to our community celebration ride. For those riders that surpass 20,000 points you'll receive two free rides and a chance to win unlimited rides for six months.

You have to set your goal but that won't limit what prizes you're eligible for. If you set a goal of getting 20,000 points but finish with 15,000 you'll still get the 15,000 point prize.

Every ride you take counts towards your total: private rides, charity rides, community rides, endurance rides, and back-to-back rides. 

It's time to set an audacious goal knowing you've got a community of people cheering you on.