“Four years ago, I was handed several challenges that impacted my mental and physical health. In the spring of 2014, I lost a good friend to cancer, my husband's grandmother died of cancer the following week, and I was diagnosed with a low malignancy tumour a few short months later. And if that wasn't enough, I lost both of my grandmothers to the flu a month later. It was my lowest point in life. After surgery in 2015, clean MRI scans in 2016 and a fibromyalsia/anxiety/depression diagnosis, I knew I had to make some changes in order to feel like myself again - and especially be present for my family. I started back on the fitness and nutrition journey that I abandoned after my second child was born. 

However, progress was slow. In the summer of 2016, my best friend convinced me to go to Wheelhouse with her. I was hesitant, because I had always disliked cardio. But I was trying to keep an open mind at the time and went with her. That first ride with Linden W. was intense. After several high-fives and the door closing behind us in The Vault, I wondered what I had signed myself up for. I'm not going to lie, two songs in with my lungs burning, I was ready to walk out - but I continued on. I don't give up on anything. When the class finally ended, I walked out with a sense of pride and accomplishment that I hadn't felt in years. I had made it through and I felt energized. I was completely hooked. 

The more I went to Wheelhouse, the better I felt. Fifteen pounds dropped off and the weight of the world started to get lighter. I quit taking my depression medication and have been fibro pain free for a full year. The adrenaline combined with the inclusive environment at Wheelhouse saved my mental health and from a world of pain. I'm more calm. I'm focused on life. When I'm feeling down and out, there’s nothing better than hopping on that bike and pushing through my anxiety and feeling it all melt away. 

I love all of you guys and the WH community. Thank you for helping me find myself again."