When you pass along a few questions to someone with aims of writing a story, you often get a lot of raw data, which, with a little bit of love, flows into a story as words on the page. As a writer, it's important to recognize when that raw data doesn't need anything but an audience and unfiltered freedom. So I'm stepping aside, post-brief intro, to make room for words that just need to be read.

If you've had the privilege of riding with Tori H. for a little or a long time, you know that there's far more to this quietly confident, beautiful woman, than meets the eye. She's somehow unaware of just how her presence in the room sets people at ease and inspires; her hot hair flips and stunning good looks only mirror the lovely soul beneath.  We're pretty sure she has no idea just the affect she has on people... but we hope she knows how much she's loved and will be missed as the next part of her journey unfolds. Check out some WISDOM from Tori below; perhaps there's a challenge for you as you read her vulnerable and authentic words. And if you stick with us to the end, you'll have a chance to see some pics from the early Wheelhouse days and Tori's journey along the way.

TORI, we are going to miss you!! Thank you for everything!

Your Wheelhouse Family xoxo



1. Where are you from originally and why did you come to Regina?

Being the child of an RCMP officer, I have lived in 6 different cities across Canada. I lived in Ottawa for 12 years, making it the longest duration of time, but the West feels like home!  (West is best, right?)

I came to Regina from the University of Guelph.  At the time, my family transferred to Kelowna from Ottawa. I decided to come to Regina to continue playing in the (then) CIS Women’s Hockey program and finish my studies while being ‘somewhat’ closer to home.

2. What made you stick around YQR?

The People!

I chose to stay because of the people. From the moment I came here, I was pleasantly surprised by the sincerity, the warmth, and the kindness I was surrounded by in Regina. From my teammates at U of R, 22Fresh, to Wheelhouse, it is tough to leave an amazing community cultivated by great people.

I truly believe that the world needs more Saskatchewan.


3. What can you tell us about your upcoming adventure? What will you do? Do you have any goals you want to achieve while you're away?

After graduating from university, I always toyed with the idea of moving closer to my family. Based on the question above, I couldn't leave right away!

However, it's time to move closer to my family. I will be moving to Kelowna next week and plan on staying there for about a month before I leave for Australia.

My plan in Australia? I’m going to take it as it comes! I plan on living in Brisbane and then moving to Noosa to seek further travels along the Gold Coast.

4. How does the growth mindset influence your upcoming adventure?

Going to travel on my own will be a challenge and the thought of it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. When I think of the growth mindset, I see it in two ways.

The first being, when an opportunity arises, or a thought or a desire comes to mind, we have the option to commit to it. We know it will provide growth, yet it will be challenging and feel uncomfortable. Without giving into fear, we take it on and commit to grow.  

The second being confidence. When we commit to the growth mindset, we can recall past experiences that have led us to where we are now. When we commit to change and taking on new challenges, we gain more confidence in our personal development. Confidence that comes from past challenges will encourage an ongoing commitment to growth.

When I look back on the many cities I’ve lived in across Canada, I know it will be uncomfortable to move to two more new cities in the near future. Despite this, I am ready for the challenge and excited for what's to come and the people I will meet and connect with along the way.

5. How has motivating at Wheelhouse challenged you as a person?

It’s challenged me in many ways, but the biggest challenge was to accept and live in vulnerability.  I came to realize that not everyone is going to like my ride, my music choice, or my ride style, and that's ok!

The challenging part was finding my authentic self on the bike and what that looked like. I started to incorporate my athletic background into my ride style and allowed Motivation to come through by being true to what I knew and who I wanted to become.

By doing so, I accepted that uncomfortable feeling of being vulnerable on the bike and saw it as a product of growth while allowing myself to be unapologetically, Tori.

I think once you take on this mindset of security with yourself and show up as your true self, we don’t have to strive to be perfect as long as we are committed to aligning our values with our actions.

Wheelhouse has challenged me to live into my true self and show vulnerability along the way. This has inevitably led to lasting connections with the community, the riders, and the incredible staff, because of it.

6. What's your favorite spot for food in Regina? For coffee?

Brewed Awakening! Whether it’s a coffee mixed in with a morning glory muffin on a Sunday, a coffee date with friends, or a drink on the go, it's my favorite place.

7. How has the growth mindset challenged you over the past few years?

This past year, I’ve had to maintain the growth mindset, despite challenges that came my way. After I graduated from university, I took on the management role of WHCC EAST. It’s been a year since then and looking back, it was challenging and uncomfortable at times, BUT the connections, the growth of the community, and the personal growth I experienced has been very rewarding.

When I came to Regina, people would always ask, “Why Regina?”

I would respond, “Why not?”

I think everything happens for a reason, yet sometimes we don’t understand why.

My “WHY”  lies within the amazing journey Regina has given me.

Within the people. Within the community. Within Wheelhouse.

Thanks for one amazing ride, Wheelhouse.

Can't wait to see you again,


So, #wheelpack, there you have it from Tori H. Be sure to drop her a line or stop in to East for a final farewell before she heads out. Before you go, scroll down below for a little picturesque walk down memory lane for some of Tori's Wheelhouse journey.