Music is Magic

There's something magical about music... the beat, the feel, the motivation. On some level, music connects with a place inside that leaves us a little bit different than we were before we turned it on, turned it up, or just tuned right in.

Wheelhouse is founded on three core pillars: community, music, and measurement.

Music is magic. 

Music + Mapping + Motivator = Wheelhouse Magic

It starts with a passion for music and exercise.  Each of your motivators spends countless hours listening... and listening... and listening... Collecting songs to help you feel that synergy of body and beat.

Then the music selections culminate in the best combination possible of beats-per-minute (what turns into RPM on the bike!) with corresponding movements to bring out the best workout mix possible.

Find the music. Find the beat. Map the movements. Bring the heat.

Let the magic of the music take over.

Can you feel it?

Message your motivator with your favourite song this week... 

You never know who else is craving the same kind of magic as you!