Only six more. Six more to go...

Six point one.

Ugh. That extra 100 metres. Are they trying to torture us?!

Why does six more seem like sixty more?

Just breathe. 

What am I doing...

Wait... what is that? 


Music...?  Loud music...


Cheering...? Crazy cheering...


With 15km to go...? Who has this much energy?!

Wheelhouse Cheer 1

What are they doing?!


Oh my gosh, I could cry.


I'm too pumped to cry!


I'm feeling the energy!


One foot in front of the other.


With all these people cheering!


They're here for us?!!

Wheelhouse Cheer 2.jpg

They're here for us!


Let's do this, QCM! 


Six more to go...


Fresh energy. New legs. Inspired mind.