Reasons You Haven’t Come Back vs. The Growth Mindset

Have you ever thought any of the following?


I’m too out of shape for this!

These people are hardcore.

Everyone knows the moves. I’m so uncoordinated.

You want my legs to go how fast?!

I don’t know what I’m doing!

#*%^ $#&@!!

If you have, you’re not alone. Riding the vault for the first time can be a pretty crazy experience. It can bring out our fears and insecurities; it can be overwhelming. We’re asking you to risk, get vulnerable, maybe even fail.

But here’s the thing: we think you can do it. In fact, we know you can.

What if a new paradigm walked with you into that vault? What if it was already waiting for you there?

We believe in the growth mindset, which means we believe that success comes in trying and failing, not necessarily in the success of an outcome. This means that we work to challenge YOU to challenge YOURSELF, whatever that looks like given your uniqueness, individuality, and personal goals. After all, if success is measured by growth and not performance, then there’s actually very little to lose!

Stepping into the vault, the lights low, the music high, the energy buzzing… you’re right, that’s not an easy thing to do, whatever your fitness level.  May we suggest this stretching thought: perhaps the rides never really get easier, you just get stronger. Every rider comes to the vault in a unique place. The challenge is to accept yourself from where you’re at and commit to grow from there. The beat, the movement, the coordination… it will come with time and practice (we promise!).

If you found yourself feeling out of place due to your perceived (or actual) fitness level, you wouldn’t be the only one. We are usually our own worst enemies! However, everyone has to start from somewhere. Each time you take the risk of getting outside your comfort zone, you are guaranteed to grow, even if sometimes you can’t see it. At Wheelhouse we feed off this sense of risk and adventure, and we know it’s not easy! But we think that the place of discomfort is where we find the sweet spot too. The vault isn’t about proving yourself, but proving TO yourself that you can grow and achieve your goals.

Not perfection, nor performance. But growth.

So what do you say, first time rider... Second or third time returnee.. Seasoned vet in the middle of a new learning curve? Wanna come and grow with us?

Check out the latest new ride to the schedule - Wheel 101 - which will ground you in the basics and help lay a foundation for future growth. Any rider - newbie or seasoned vet - will benefit!