Plant-Powered Wisdom with Jenna Kress

You need look no further for evidence that a plant-based diet can fuel a busy, active lifestyle, than to the life of motivator Jenna Kress. Jenna is a registered dietitian, make-up artist, blogger, and pretty much an expert on all things health and beauty. Jenna seeks to live a vegan lifestyle, which means that she is intentionally consuming and using only plant-based products. Jenna's wisdom is featured on the blog today, with an opportunity to learn more about what it means to live a plant-based lifestyle.

Jenna owns her need for good fuel: "I'm a very active person - physically and mentally.  I've found this plant based lifestyle to give me a lot of energy. I have truly seen such a benefit in my skin and hair health - it's quite amazing, actually, what food can do to your appearance beyond the size of our bodies."

You may have your suspicions about this kind of diet, given that eating meat and using animal products are a regular rhythm in the lives of many Canadians; however, don't be fooled by the power of plants to give you more than enough energy to fuel your day. Jenna stated that a common stereotype is that you can't get enough protein or will become vitamin and mineral deficient through eating vegan.  Though this can be true if your vegan diet isn't planned and properly balanced, a lot of non-vegan diets are deficient in vitamins and minerals and can lack certain nutrients. Great point!

Another common stereotype is that the only option then is to eat salads and that vegan diets lack flavour.  While admitting to enjoying salads, Jenna said that there are so many dishes, including deserts, that you can make vegan:  "You become really innovative in the kitchen and truly appreciate the flavour of each food or ingredient - I would say my dishes are more flavourful now!"

As a dietitian, and knowing the range of potential options, Jenna chose a plant based lifestyle, desiring to decrease her risk of cardiovascular diseases, of which her family has a strong history.  It's also an ethical choice, which is sometimes the reason people choose this lifestyle, and Jenna has found this to be an extra motivator for herself as well. 

Eating vegan doesn't have to be complicated. Jenna recommends a banana as pre-workout fuel, which is digested easily and provides enough fuel for an intense workout; post-workout on-the-go options are half a VEGA bar or fruit with some nuts. 

Jenna has qualified herself as a growing expert in the fields of health and beauty. "I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator at the Diabetes Education Centre,  Private Practice Dietitian at Brownstone Health Clinic, Columnist for REFINED lifestyles magazine, Makeup Artist at Sara Lindsay the Makeup Store, and Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger (Naked Face Nutrition)."

As part of her job as a dietitian, Jenna gets to work one-on-one with clients: "It's all about treating each client as an individual - I am there to support them so they can feel and look their best for the long term.  I do a lot of the same in private practice but I find my client's goals are a bit different, and I do more specific meal planning through it as well.

Jenna is motivated by the journey her clients take in moving toward greater health: "When I see people recognize the positive changes they are making - the look on their face when they come to realize they HAVE done something that is getting them closer to their goals - it is so heart warming.  I really just love working with people and seeing them feel better and have a positive outlook on their future and on themselves."

As a starter recipe, Jenna recommends trying out one of her favorite meals from her blog: the Kimchi Quinoa Revitalize Bowl. Jenna doesn't just provide recipes, but educates on her blog as well. Be sure to check it out below!

Jenna's beautiful blog is full of not only recipes (complete with mouth-watering pictures) but also articles, beauty and wellness tips and insights, healthy lifestyle information, and daily inspiration.

Here's a healthy challenge for your week: set a goal to try out one plant-based recipe from Jenna's blog to begin enjoying the benefits of this healthful lifestyle. Once you do, let us know in the comments! A big thanks to Jenna for sharing with us on the blog today! 

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