From Rink to Bike to Barre

What happens when a former pro-hockey-player-turned-spin-instructor goes to a Barre class?  I wondered the same thing, as I headed over to Local Barre with some of the Wheelhouse crew. I had one prior experience with ballet about a decade ago, when my also-hockey-playing-sister and I decided to hit up a ballet class. Let’s just say that I think everyone was relieved when we didn’t go back. There was only so much of my own thunder-thigh-in-the-mirror my psyche could handle.

But times have changed, and although my thunder-thighs still represent, my psyche has evolved to embrace the growth mindset and, let’s be real, to WORK at embracing the growth mindset.  It’s that one we talk about all the time at Wheelhouse: let’s get uncomfortable, so we can grow! Failure is not a threat. Other people are not a threat. I’m no longer performing and comparing, but learning… and learning to let go so I can just enjoy and see what happens as the process becomes the focus. And you might just know, as I do, how hard that is.

I’d have to say though, hard things are a lot more enjoyable when done with friends, in community, with laughter and an open-to-adventure attitude. That’s what I decided to go with, as we walked through the doors of the gorgeous facility at Local Barre. Our lovely instructor Julie greeted us at the front desk, I signed the waiver (just in case) and confessed the butterflies threatening to beat their way through my chest. But then we got started, my nerves settled, and things were moving along swimmingly… I’d made it through the warm-up! 

From there, class was tough. And I got uncomfortable. I sweat a lot. A few times I didn’t – I couldn’t – finish the reps or do the workout as described. But wow, was it awesome. The burn was satisfying, the knowing grins from friends across the room were encouraging, and Julie’s playlist was the bomb. 

During the class, we pulsed and plied in the middle of the room, at the barre, on the floor, and then got up again. And then it was over! With a satisfying groan, I made it to my feet, tossed out a few sweaty high fives, and not-so-elegantly-waddled my way out the door.

The class left me with mad respect for the Barre community, its instructors, and everyone in that class. Wow, you guys!

And as for those thunder-thighs… who cares? Tonight I grew, laughed, and accepted myself for the former-hockey-player-turned-spin instructor that I am. I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but Barre none, I’ll be back!

Barre Crew.jpeg