Two Things to Consume Before Every Ride

Have you always wondered what optimal combination of food and drink is gonna set you up for the ride of your life? Have you ever finished a ride feeling flat and like you could have done better?

First of all, we need to say, don't be so hard on yourself! Every time you crush out a ride, you're getting better. Keep it up.

That being said, for those of you looking to take things to the next level, Darren Candow (PhD; CSEP-CEP, Professor, and Associate Dean-Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Regina) is here to help you out. Darren can typically be found sprinting it out on bike 13. Don't hesitate to ask him some follow-up questions -- if you can catch him.

Here he is with two simple (and maybe unexpected) tips for finding that next gear and coming out of The Vault stronger than ever.

1. 'You Got This?" Only if you combine these 3 power foods! 

Banana + 6-8 oz glass of milk or 2 cups of yogurt + 10 almonds

Research suggests that carbohydrate availability, muscle protein metabolism and immune system function are important factors for exercise performance. By combining a banana (muscle fuel) with milk or yogurt (protein power) and almonds (essential fatty acids), this fantastic pre-exercise snack is all you need when the vault closes! Consume 'responsibly' 60 minutes prior to exercise.

2. Wanna crush your ride? Make sure you drink a coffee 60 minutes before exercise.  Research suggests that caffeine increases cell energetics, alertness and high-intensity exercise performance. In the presence of caffeine, your muscles will conquer those killer standing sprints and hill climbs!!!

Happy riding! See you in the front row."



More riding, fitness, and nutrition tips to come!