THE BATTLE Spotlight: Campbell Collegiate


The BATTLE OF THE SCHOOLS was fresh off the press, when Tania Harrison signed up her Phys.Ed. class at Campbell to ride in the challenge. "Phys.Ed. teachers are always looking for ways to do different things with their students that they find inspiring.  When I went to Wheelhouse myself, I thought, hmm, there are definitely some things that my class could take away from this."

Why Wheelhouse + Phys.Ed = A Good Mix

"Some of the things I really liked as a Phys.Ed. teacher right of the bat was that the environment was positiveit was individualized. I had some high performance athletes in my class - and they could push themselves to where their levels were - and I had other students in my classes that were maybe starting to recognize that this was something important for them."

What creates a place where athlete and beginner alike can not just grow, but be inspired?

"The lights were off so that when they were going hard, they couldn't see each other sweating, and that's something from a body image perspective - especially with young women - that was really, really important. What I noticed is the young girls in my class would go in there and they would work harder than I'd ever seen them before in class and I attribute that to the space that was created - the environment. So the positivity, the high fives, the awesome celebration of them individually, but also the lights off and the beats. They are so immersed in their activity that they don't have the opportunity to think about 'who is watching me', 'who's taking a picture', 'what's on social media', or 'what does that person look like.' So from a mental health perspective too, it just frees them to be immersed and included in that activity." 

When they came in maybe they were fragile with their self esteem and body image, now, well, many of them are really starting to realize who they are as people, and I attribute part of this just to finding that inner strength. The first class that I brought was the first Phys.Ed. 20 class that I had at Campbell, and there are girls now that ride regularly at Wheelhouse - they're going to Wheelhouse and riding two-a-days and setting goals and hitting them." 

You're not just teaching an outcome, but influencing a lifestyle. 

"There's no greater compliment for a Phys.Ed. teacher than to see kids you taught engage those experiences when they leave high school. They're making it personal. I'm overjoyed when I see my students working out when I'm out in the community."

SO Regina High Schools, who's next? Are you in? Are you up for the challenge? 

Remember, two free individual rides for all high school students in the city and bonus points for Phys.Ed. classes that ride together are part of the deal! You can find the finer details here.

We're ready for you! The question is... are you ready for us? 

Let the Battle of the Schools begin!!